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Beyond the North Wind



This campaign takes place in Hyperborea, a land that has been displaced from Old Earth, where ancient mysteries and brutal realities collide. Common humanity bands together wherever they can find shelter against the three-year winter, against monsters, and against invasions of Picts, Vikings, and the mysterious Ixians.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

Party like it’s 1974! With new-school game mechanics and old-school flavor rooted in Gygax’s “Appendix N,” DCC RPG is the basic ruleset for this campaign, modified to fit into the swords-and-sorcery world of Hyperborea.

Optional sub-classes like the barbarian, the bard, the ranger, and the sorcerer will be available to players of human characters, and demihumans get a makeover, as follows:

- Elves in Hyperborea are not your typical forest-dwelling tree-huggers. These elves are bound to supernatural patrons with whom they must regularly meet. They are immortal beings and immune to most diseases, but they may be more susceptible to corruption from certain magics and of course may be slain by violent means and thus sent irrevocably back to the fey realms. Elves who do not periodically find their way back to visit the fey realms of their origin slowly lose themselves, becoming mere mortals.

- Halflings are not your typical farmers and smokers of pipeweed. Though they do fancy a good smoke, they are not typical Tolkienesque halflings! Halflings wander the world in roaming bands (think gypsies), trading items glittering and obscure and getting by however they can. Most halfling bands winter in a large city like Khromarium, but the occasional band gets caught in some out-of-the-way bywater during the winter months, and these often come to a bad end, any survivors left to live among the “big people.”

- Dwarves are the underground allies of the Krimmeans, Kimmerian barbarians who long ago took to living beneath the earth. Like their cousins, the degenerate and sly gnomes, many dwarves have an innate ability to forge and fashion weapons and items of magic. They cannot themselves use such items, however, in an ironic turn of fate. But they do have a lust for gold that comes as naturally as any mortal hunger for food (dwarves can smell the stuff). They thus offer their services only in exchange for gold, gold, and more gold!

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